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Additionally, you may research a destination you want to go to to see whether it fits within your spending limit. These are the top 10 cities where digital nomads may live for the least amount of money in 2022, according to the digital nomad community. Additionally, we have selected the greatest and most economical locations for us free birds after researching the city guides for digital nomads throughout the world from every angle. Are you prepared to relocate to the most reasonably priced places that are also welcoming to nomads?

Indonesia’s Bali

Indonesia's Bali

Over time, Bali has become a popular destination for digital nomads. Not only is it one of the most economical cities to live in, but it also features breathtaking locations that will soothe your spirit. It is a paradise for explorers, offering the greatest workplaces, fascinating rainforests, and a welcoming atmosphere for nomads. Additionally, if you want to party, you may dance the night away at one of the many beach clubs or nightclubs.

Estimated monthly expense: $930

Namibia’s Swakopmund

Namibia's Swakopmund

The Namibian beach resort of Swakopmund is home to a variety of cultures. Swakopmund is a great spot to stay for those who want to see both the desert and the shore in one area. The inhabitants are kind and inviting. Give this lovely Germanic town a try if you want to surf or get up close to desert animals. With its picturesque coastline vistas and tribes, I’m confident that this laid-back tiny city will compel you to remain.

$830 is the estimated monthly cost.

Turkey’s Istanbul

Turkey's Istanbul

Istanbul is unquestionably one of the most cheap places for digital nomads to reside in. Travelers are drawn to it by the exotic blending of eastern and western cultures, especially backpackers who want to sample everything. beautiful beaches, green forests, ethereal historical buildings like Hagia Sofia, and warm deserts. Digital nomads are drawn to Turkey by its distinctive fusion of European and Asian cultures.

Estimated cost per month: $940

In Bulgaria, Sofia

Sofia  Bulgaria

Sofia will be the ideal location if you’re seeking for the most reasonably priced city with a strong historical background. Since it is Bulgaria’s largest city, it has drawn the interest of both visitors and expats. The city of Sofia is rich in historic locations. Ancient cathedrals, museums filled with Thracian artifacts, and Roman remains are all absolutely fascinating. It is unquestionably a paradise for history enthusiasts and digital nomads.
Estimated monthly expense: $940

India’s Dharamshala

India's Dharamshala

Sipping tea while admiring the magnificent view of nature from your terrace, hiking through the green hills, or basking in the fresh sunshine. Staying in the picturesque Indian town of Dharamshala will have that effect. At the base of the Himalayas is where it is located. This charming tiny hill village will be the perfect place to escape the busy city and take in the splendor of nature to refresh your spirit. Due to the low prices of the food and lodging, it is also considered one of the most economical destinations.

Estimated monthly expense: $600

Czech Republic: Prague

Prague is another location with breathtaking historical buildings scattered around the city. It is one of the most reasonably priced cities in Europe and the capital of the Czech Republic. I find it fascinating to imagine myself ambling around Prague’s historic cobblestone streets. Many digital nomads are drawn to Prague by its surreal atmosphere in order to see the Old Town Square and the Medieval Astronomical Clock. And the comforting, hearty food? They will make you feel at home and are the nicest part of Prague.

Estimated monthly expense: $1130

Estonia’s Tallinn

Estonia's Tallinn

Estonia’s capital, Tallinn, is situated on the Baltic Sea. It is one of the cities with the lowest cost of living. Additionally, it has stunning views of the surrounding landscape, frozen lakes, and lovely woodlands with brooks and hot springs. Tallinn’s culture, customs, and architecture reflect the city’s historical ties to Scandinavia and Russia. The Estonian people appreciate nature. Camping close to the natural habitat will allow you to take in the fresh air while having fun. Your money will be well spent if you stay in this enchanting town with reasonably priced accommodations, gorgeous natural areas, and historic Scandinavian structures.

Estimated monthly expense: $1260

South Africa’s Cape Town

South Africa's Cape Town

Let us share one of the cheapest cities to reside in South Africa with you if that continent is your next nomadic destination. Cape Town is located there. People who love adventure will enjoy relocating to this contemporary seaside metropolis. The famed and dangerous “Table Mountain” in Cape Town is a great place for thrill-seekers to trek, or they may ride the tides. You may fully indulge in city life while engaging in activities that will raise your heart rate. And that’s what makes this South African town so amazing to digital nomads—the combination of majestic hills, glistening blue waterways, and flashing city lights.

Estimated monthly expense: $1150

Philippines: Cebu

Digital nomads should visit Cebu if they want to establish a city with a modern urban environment and access to adventurous islands. With breathtaking shorelines nearby to dive in, it is one of the cheapest places in the Philippines to reside. Cebu has developed into a popular destination for both entrepreneurs and digital nomads due to the abundance of internet-friendly workplaces. What more could a drifter want than a cheap city surrounded by amazing islands, a ton of exciting maritime activities, and a nomad-friendly environment?

Estimated monthly expense: $1300

Greece’s Paros

Greece's Paros

Who wouldn’t want to experience Greece’s pristine golden beaches and vibrant villages? While Santorini is a well-known vacation spot for newlyweds seeking a romantic retreat. Additionally, Paros has grown in popularity. It is not only one of Greece’s most reasonably priced places, but also an Island with a wide variety of magnificent sites. Digital nomads are drawn to this dream realm year-round by the Valley of the Butterflies, Marble Quarry, vibrant communities, and stunning seashores.

Estimated monthly expense: $1470


These cities are among the least expensive for digital nomads to reside in, according to the Digital Nomads World, in 2022. No matter if you want to remain in a quiet rural village or a lively city with sparkling lights, the more affordable the lodging and meals, the better!

Have you already decided if you want to live as a nomad in one of these cities? I’m sure you did! Pack your bags and add these budget travel places to your wish list now.


Cheapest places for digital nomads

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